A woff is a round furry creature resembling wolf pups. They are usually seen in the series flying above in huge packs. Their flying patterns are not exactly predictable.

They appear in both the graphic novels and the animated series



Woffs are seen as round, furry, dog-like creatures. They have big, round eyes, small black noses, and long, fox-like tails. They also have a pinkish muzzle on their faces, and small oval ears. Some have darker fur as seen in Hilda Creatures.

They seem to lack any feet or paws, unless these are hidden under their fur. This suggests they spend the majority of their life airborne and rarely ever land. They do sleep on the ground however.


It is unknown how Woff obtain flight, but it is clearly their only way of getting around.

Woffs are often seen flying around in the clouds. They are seen as groups, possibly being a social species. They can get aggressive when something is on their backs, shaking and flying around vigorously to get the object off. Woffs migrate at times, as being seen by Hilda's mother in "Hilda and the Midnight Giant". It is unknown where and when they fly, as well as how long they stay until return.



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