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Witches Tower

Witches Tower is the headquarters of the Witches living in Trolberg. The building as seen in the TV series does not appear in the graphic novels.


The tower is build upside down into the ground, rather than from the ground up like a regular tower, and is hidden underneath the Library. It can be accessed through a series of secret rooms and passages.

Witches Tower contains several rooms, including a hallway with a portrait gallery of past witches and their familiars. At the very top (or technically bottom), The Committee of Three governs the tower from a circular room whose walls are covered with book shelves. From this room, there is a portal to the Void of No Return.


  • When they first see the tower, Frida remarks that most people believe the tower to be located in the Huldrawood. In the graphic novels, a map of Trolberg and surrounding area indeed shows a structure named Witches Tower in the woods outside the city. It never plays a role in any of the stories though.