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Weather Spirits are spirits that can control weather elements like rain, snow, and thunder. They appear in the graphic novels, animated series, and Hilda Tie-In Series, but get the most focus in the animated series, where an entire episode is dedicated to them.



Weather Spirits physically resemble clouds in appearance, but with eyes and a mouth.

Their appearance greatly depends on their state of mind. When calm, they look like small, white clouds. But when angered, they can easily grow into much bigger, dark thunder clouds. Between stages are also possible.

They are capable of speech.


According to Victoria Van Gale, Weather Spirits are among the few things that can influence the atmosphere, changing the weather wherever they go.

Weather Spirits are infamous for their arguments. If two or more meet up, they will get into an intense debate. These debates can go on for long periods of time and causes any sort of bad weather from mild rain to great storms. In "Chapter 10: The Storm", dozens of Weather Spirits got into an argument, plunging Trolberg into a severe snow/thunderstorm. Weather Spirits can get so caught up in these debates, that they even forget what it was they were originally planning to do, or what statement they were trying to make. It is possible however to have them end their argument by offering to moderate, as Hilda did in "Chapter 10".

It's unknown how exactly they reproduce, but baby Weather Spirits are known to exist. A father Weather Spirit will violently defend his young if needed, and can destroy entire buildings when doing so.

Role in the story

graphic novels

In the graphic novels, a few weather spirits make 1-2 panel cameo's in the stories Hilda and the Black Hound + Hilda and the Stone Forest. They are used for a quick gag and have no impact on the plot.

Animated series

In the animated series, Hilda encounters a sleeping Weather Spirit in "Chapter 1: The Hidden People" in a brief scene.

In "Chapter 10: The Storm", they play a mayor role when Victoria Van Gale abducts a baby weather spirit, and ends up luring a large group of adult weather spirits to Trolberg, which plunges the city into a fierce snowstorm.

In "Chapter 1: The Troll Circle", they attack the zeppelin of the Trolberg Safety Patrol when Gerda Gustav, under orders from Erik Ahlberg, flies through a group of arguing weather spirits.

In "Chapter 2: The Draugen", Hilda intentionally angers a Weather Spirit so he causes a storm, since she and Wood Man want to find some Draugen, who only come out during stormy weather. Later, when Hilda and Wood Man are racing the Draugen Ship with their sailboat, they encounter the weather spirit again, and Hilda tricks him into helping them reach the shore first.


In the novelization, Hilda and Alfur encounter a weather spirit while climbing Mt. Bobblehat to get to the Elf King. The weather spirit is quite angry and unleashes a blizzard onto the two, but calms down when Hilda amuses him with some jokes (which are all about Elves, to Alfur's dismay).

In "Hilda and the Ghost Ship", which adapts "Chapter 2: The Draugen", Hilda tricks a weather spirit to help her and Wood Man win the race against the Draugen by telling the Weather Spirit jokes about Wood Man. The Spirit's laughter causes a strong wind that allows Wood Man's boat to defeat the Draugen Ship.


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