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The creature is not called by name in the graphic novels

The Walking Land Creature is an odd animal that's practically nothing but a piece of earth with legs. It first appeared in the book, "Hilda and the Stone Forest". But so far, it still has not yet appeared in the animated series.


The creature looks like a patch of earth with grass, but with four white legs that allow it to walk. It has no other distinct features like eyes, a mouth or a nose. It can dig itself into the ground to blend in with the rest of the environment. It's behaviour closely resembles that of a domesticated dog.


At the start of "Hilda and the Stone Forest", Hilda and Twig had to save an elf house from one of these creatures. They chased the creature all the way out of Trolberg to the railroad before finally catching up with it and retrieving the house. The creature tried to follow them home afterwards, but Hilda told it to stay put.

Near the end of the story, Hilda and Johanna encountered the creature again in the Stone Forest, and followed it to the exit. This time, Hilda allowed the creatuer to come home with them.

In the next story, "Hilda and the Mountain King", the creature went with Johanna, Baba and Tontu to the mountains to search for Hilda, who had been turned into a Troll. Johanna ordered the creature to track Hilda down, but instead it dug itself into the ground and ignored her. It was not seen again afterwards.



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