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Vittra are a species of subterranean plant-like creatures who reside in Gorrill Gardens. They are plant-like creatures with humanoid features. They emit a strong smell.

In the graphic novels, they only have brief cameos in "Hilda and the Black Hound" and "Hilda and the Stone Forest". They also make two short appearances in "Hilda and the Nowhere Space". In the animated series, they are shown in more detail.



Vittra in various forms

Vittra are humanoid creatures, with features that resemble plants from the Allium genus (onions, shallot, leek, chives). On average, a Vittra is about 1.5 foot ( ~0.45m ) tall.[1] They are bipedal and have two arms with hands.

They are very durable; getting a stake hammered through their head, and pulled out again, doesn't seem to harm them in the least, or even hurt them.

The ones seen in the graphic novels, animated series and novelization all more or less the same. "Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits" however reveals they come in a greater variety of forms.


They live deep underground in a complex network of tunnels, which they constantly expand. Each Vittra family has it's own dwelling within these tunnels. They keep ground cows as cattle, and drink juice from roots. Their species are familiar with art, as proven by a Vittra making a painting of a cow. The Vittra hold an annual cattle driving competition.

Once a year, they come up to the surface to hibernate and catch sunlight with the flowers on their heads. During this hibernation, they are practically impossible to wake up. In "The Sparrow Scouts", Hilda, Frida and David tried to earn their Friend of the Park badge by cleaning up a section of Trolberg park. They first removed the weeds, not knowing these were actually sleeping Vittra. When they realized their mistake, they were forced to rescue the vittra from getting grinded up into mulch. They returned them to their place in the ground without any of the Vittra waking up and realizing what had almost happened to them.


The graphic novel and novelization don't reveal anything about the Vittra's personality.

In the animated series, the only Vittra that Hilda and her friends are ever seen interacting with is verbally abusive and rude, constantly berating the three kids for what they've done, blowing raspberries, and acting unpleasant. It's unknown if only this particular Vittra is like that, or if this is in general how Vittra act. In "The Draugen", multiple Vittra are seen reacting aggressively towards the construction workers that were ordered to close up their tunnels.

According to "Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits", Vittra are peaceful unless their homes are invaded or if they are disturbed during their hibernation, in which case they can become bad-tempered, which may explain the rude behavior of the Vittra Hilda and her friends came across to some degree.


Graphic novels

  • Hilda and the Black Hound; Cameo during one of Hilda's attempts to earn a badge. She tries to set up her tent, but ends up hammering a stake through the head of a sleeping Vittra. The Vittra angrily walks off, dragging the tent along.
  • Hilda and the Stone Forest; cameo during a compilation of Hilda's various adventures. A group of Vittra chases her out of their tunnels.

Animated series

  • The Sparrow Scouts: debut. The entire episode centers around Hilda, David and Frida accidentally getting some sleeping Vittra send to the mulching center, and having to rescue them.
  • The Troll Rock; cameo; they flee from their home as a troll uses their tunnel to get into Trolberg.
  • The Troll Circle: Early in the episode, a Vittra leaving his tunnel is almost trampled by the Walking Land Creature and Hilda. Later, the unnamed Farmer complains to Hilda how much trouble the Vittra cause for him with their tunnels. Near the end of the episode, Hilda, Erik Ahlberg and Gerda Gustav use the Vittra tunnels to escape the trolls that where chasing them.
  • The Draugen: At the start of the episode, Erik Ahlberg has given orders to close all the Vittra tunnels underneath Trolberg so Trolls can't use them to enter the city. The Vittra are seen attacking one of the construction workers repsonsible for performing this task. Later in the episode, Hilda and Wood Man use a Vittra tunnel as a shortcut to Hilda's flat.
  • The Old Bells of Trolberg: A vittra can be seen reacting to the loud bells.
  • The Deerfox: A vittra watches as Twig leaves Trolberg.
  • Movie: A vittra is seen reacting to a troll throwing a rock over the walls of Trolberg, and destroying a house.

Tie-In Novels

  • Hilda and the Nowhere Space; at the start of the story, Hilda recalls how she and her friends had to rescue some Vittra from the mulching center once. Later, at Camp Sparrow, a Vittra ruins Hilda's attempt to set up a tent when she accidentally drives a stake through it's head.


  • They do seem to have individual names, as the Vittra that the protagonists met refereed to one of the sleeping Vittra as "Georgie-Boy".
  • The Vittra David, Frida, and Hilda encounter has a Brooklyn accent and almost sounds like Gilbert Gottfried.
  • They are lethal with a garden spade.[2]



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