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MaxiGamer WiiU, the one and only founder of the wiki! He is automatically given the rights of a Bureaucrat and an Administrator and has full control over the wiki.

Hello, I'm MaxiGamer, founder and previous owner* of the Hilda Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the graphic novel series and Netflix TV show Hilda.

I'm 19 years old, currently studying for a degree in 3DCGI Animation, which is one of my few computer graphics-related hobbies. I live in Québec, Canada, the French part of Canuckland.

While I am a fan of the TV show, I have yet to read a single book from the Hilda series. I do plan on doing so, however.

*I left this wiki shortly after creating it (late 2019), without notice, due to personal, real life reasons, but I am glad to see that the ownership was transferred into good hands.

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