Twig is a secondary character of the Hilda graphic novel and television series; he serves as Hilda's pet deer-fox and proves to be a cute but trusty adventure companion.


Twig is a small white deer-fox. He has black antlers on the top of his head. He has a long, bushy tail, and some spots on his back.


Twig is a protective and trusty animal who likes to help Hilda. When he is protective, he goes in front of Hilda and growls at anyone that she doesn’t know when they go up to her. However, he can also be scared, as seen in "Chapter 1: The Hidden People", when he gets scared by a troll. He also isn't too fond of Water Spirits, as proven in "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan", when he refused to come along with Hilda and Frida when a water spirit gave them a ride to the island of the Lindworm.

He is usually quick to realize something is not right, or a certain person/creature cannot be trusted. He has a sharp sense of smell; he was even able to follow the scent of a Marra despite her ability to teleport.


Twig has been Hilda's pet and friend since before the start of either the graphic novel series or the animated series and is very loyal to her. He will try to defend her even against bigger opponents or if he's outnumbered.

He also gets along well with Hilda's other friends, David, Frida, and Alfur.


  • Twig's antlers have been said by David to be pointy and were able to hold their own against a hit from a garden spade, implying that they are much stronger than they look.
  • In the original publication of Hildafolk, Twig had blue fur, a white underbelly, and white antlers. He can still be seen as such in the hardcover release of Hilda and the Troll, but he was recolored for the paperback version.
  • In a community stream on May 21st, 2020 at 11PM ( GMT +0 ), director of Hilda, Andy Coyle, confirmed that Twig is yet to be a fully grown deerfox.
  • Twig's origins will be further explored in Hilda and the White Woff, implying that he will receive a backstory in Season 2.

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