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Trylla is a Troll that first appears in "Hilda and the Stone Forest", and also plays a large role in "Hilda and the Mountain King". She was also adapted in Season 2 of the animated series and the Hilda Tie-In Series. Her name was first revealed in the movie.


Trylla looks like most trolls in the series, with large stumpy arms and legs, white blank eyes, and a long nose.


Unlike most trolls, Trylla is not hostile towards humans, and she even helped Hilda and Johanna when the two got lost in the Stone Forest. She also genuinely loves her daughter Baba, and wants the best for her, which is why she used a changeling spell on her and Hilda.


Graphic novels

Along with her daughter Baba, she lives in the Stone Forest outside Trolberg.

She encountered Hilda, Johanna and Twig when the two accidentally ended up in the Stone Forest after an accident with Nowhere Space. When first seen, she was leading a pack goat (possibly the same goat that a farmer reported missing earlier in the story) carrying various kinds of food and other cargo to the exit of the forest. She smelled the two humans, and found them when Baba revealed their position. Johanna, Hilda escaped her however by hiding between her cargo, and the troll thus unknowingly took them outside.

Once out, she and some other trolls were attacked by a Two-Headed Troll, who stole her goat and cargo for himself.

She encountered Johanna and Hilda a second time after the two had gone back into the Stone Forest to rescue Twig from the Two-Headed Troll. When she noticed who was chasing them, she took the two humans to her own home, and provided them with drinks and a place to sleep. The following day, she used a map drawn in the ground and a fireball to guide Hilda and Johanna out of the caves.

However, while the humans were her guests, she had seen how Johanna cared for Hilda. Wanting a better life for Baba, she decided to use a changeling spell on Hilda and Baba. Thus, Baba became a human and took Hilda's place in Trolberg, while Hilda became a Troll.

At first Hilda was terrified by what had happened and fled from Trylla, but Trundle convinced her to give the mother troll a chance, assuring her that she would care for Hilda like how she cared for Baba. While Hilda was with her, Trylla taught Hilda more about Troll culture and history. Ultimately, Hilda was able to convince her that what she had done was wrong. But while she regretted her mistake, she didn't know how to reverse the spell.

After a while, Johanna and the now human Baba tracked down Hilda and Trylla with help from Erik Ahlberg. When both children were united with their real mothers, the spell was broken. Their joy was short-lived however when Trylla discovered Hilda had been tricked by Trundle into releasing him from his prison and returning his eye to him. She warned Hilda that Trundle was actually the dreaded Mountain King.

Baba's mom helped Hilda, Johanna and Erik to get back to Trolberg in an attempt to stop Trundle. When the Trolberg Safety Patrol killed Trundle with their new weapon, Baba's mom shielded Johanna from the crumbling body of the giant. After Hilda convinced the Safety Patrol not to fight the other trolls since all they wanted was to be close to their ancestor Amma, Baba's mom was among the Trolls that were allowed into the city.

After the adventure, Baba and Trylla remained on good terms with Hilda and Johanna. On long nights, Baba would visit Hilda in Trolberg, while Hilda sometimes came to visit Baba and her mother in the wilderness.

Animated series

Both Baba and Trylla appear in Season 2 of the animated series.

In "Chapter 6: The Old Bells of Trolberg", they can be seen playing just outside the walls of Trolberg. The Keeper of the Bell tries to chase them away since he knows the bell will soon ring, but his attempts fail. When the bell starts, Baba and her mom flee in agony, but at the end of the episode, after Hilda and friends have sabotaged the mechanical bellringers, they return to their favorite spot.

In "Chapter 10: The Yule Lads", they are briefly seen in a cave outside Trolberg. They notice Gryla, who is on her way to Trolberg, and keep a low profile in order not to attract her attention.

Both play a mayor role in "Chapter 13: The Stone Forest", which adapts Hilda and the Stone forest. Their role in this episode is identical to that in the graphic novel; they meet Johanna and Hilda, and help them escape the Stone Forest, but at the end of the episode Trylla uses a changeling spell on Baba and Hilda. This leads directly to the movie, which is adapted from Hilda and the Mountain King. Trylla's role in the movie is identical to the graphic novel.


Both Baba and her mom appear in "Hilda and the White Woff", which adapts "Chapter 13: The Stone Forest". Her role in this book is similar to the animated series, but omits the cliffhanger where Baba's mom uses a changeling spell on Hilda and Baba. There is only a final image of her with the stone figures Baba made earlier, implying the changeling spell will happen in a future installment.

Powers and abilities

As a troll, Trylla is naturally much stronger and durable than a human.

She is one of the few trolls that is shown to be capable of magic. She can magically summon a fire-like substance that she can shape into any desired form, and knows how to perform a Changeling spell.


Graphic novels
Animated series
Tie-in series


  • Like many Trolls, she likes to hoard treasure. In her case, cups and teapots.
  • She is capable of several forms of magic. Among other things, she can create a fire-like substance that is not hot, which she uses to illuminate her cave. She can create small, cloud-like figures, and even set them on fire. She used this to create a woff-shaped burning cloud to guide Johanna and Hilda out of the Stone Forest. And she knows how to perform a changeling spell.

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