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Trolberg at night during the final moments of the opening sequence.

Trolberg graphic novels

Trolberg as seen in Hilda and the Bird Parade.

Trolberg is a walled city with a Scandinavian appearance, appearing in all incarnations of the Hilda-franchise (graphic novels, animated series and tie-in books).

It becomes the primary setting of the story after Hilda and Johanna move here the end of "Hilda and the Midnight Giant" / "Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant" respectively.


It's not entirely known how long ago Trolberg as a city was founded. In "Chapter 5: The Troll Rock", Principal Magnusson mentions that the school's founder, Edmund Ahlberg, was also one of the great founders of the city. That would mean Trolberg is at most 300 years old. This is further backed up by "Hilda and the Bird Parade", in which a newspaper claims that years Bird Parade is the 256th anniversary. However, in "Chapter 3: The Bird Parade", a flashback about The Great Raven's first visit to Trolberg suggests humans have been living in the area for longer than that. The novel "Hilda and the Great Parade" mentions that Trolberg was founded 600 years ago.

The City was build right in the middle of land that originally belonged to Trolls, on top of the ground under which the gigantic troll Amma slept. To keep trolls and other dangerous creatures out, a giant wall was built around the entire city and surrounding land. The construction of the city drove away several other creatures as well, like the Lindworms.

In the early days of the city, the settlement was visited by The Great Raven, who was mistaken for a messenger of the god worshiped by the first inhabitants of Trolberg. This started the tradition of the annual Bird Parade.

In the animated series, at some point the exiled Elves of the Bragga Family took up residence within the walls of Trolberg, building their own village near a crack in the wall.



Trolberg map

Map of Trolberg as seen in "Chapter 6: The Nightmare Spirit"

Trolberg is surrounded on three sides by a huge wall. The only exception is the bay area at a fjord called the Björgfjord. Most maps of Trolberg as seen in the Graphic Novels and the tie-in books depict this bay at the south side of the city, but the only map of Trolberg ever seen in the animated series depicts it on the north side instead.

Aside from the urban area. There is also a forest next to the city called the Huldrawood, though it's size and it's exact location within or outside the city walls differs between the animated series and the graphic novels.

A river called the River Björg flows through the city to the fjord. A railroad line also crosses the city. For both river and railroad tracks, the exact course they follow varies between the various maps seen in the graphic novels, animated series and tie-in books.

The bay contains several islands, including a small one where one of the last remaining Lindworms lives.

There are two mountains on opposing sites of Trolberg called Mt. Hár and Mr. Halldór respectively.

Key Locations

Image Name Function
Hilda's house
Hilda's House

After moving to Trolberg, HildaJohanna, and Alfur took up residence in this house. A nisse had previously lived within the house's nowhere space for an unspecified amount of time before another nisse took up residence in Chapter 13: The Black Hound.

David's house
David's house

The house that David and his parents live in

Frida's house, exterior
Frida's house

The house that Frida and her parents live in

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Scout Hall

Where the Sparrow Scouts hold their meetings, award ceremonies, and more.

Trolberg school
The Ahlberg School

The elementary school that Hilda, David and Frida attend.

Trolberg statue

The statue of a god worshipped in old times by the first inhabitants of Trolberg. It plays a central part in the legend of The Great Raven and the annual Bird Parade. Also Hilda met the lightning bird there.

Library, exterior

Trolberg has it's own library.

Trolberg harbor

The harbor, called Björg's Bay in the graphic novels, is located at the shore of the Björd Fjord, at the edge of the city.

Trolberg sewers

Trolberg has a large network of sewer tunnels underneat the city. These tunnels are big enough for a human to walk through.

Bragga village
Bragga Village

In the animated series, the Bragga Family of Elves reside in a village build next to the wall in Gorrill Gardens 

St. Guglows graveyard entrance
St. Guglows Cemetery

Trolberg's cemetary. Known people buried here include Craigie Williams and Engilbjort

Trolberg Weather Station
Trolberg Weather Station

Located outside the city on top of a mountain, this is from where Victoria Van Gale used to do her reasearch for predicting (and secretly controling) the weather. It got destroyed at the end of Chapter 10: The Storm.

Camp Sparrow
Camp Sparrow

Located in the Huldrawood, this is where the Sparrow Scouts hold their annual end-of-year camping trip.

Chapter 4 (28)
Mulching Center

Where the people of Trolberg can bring their garden waste to be grinded up into mulch.

Chapter 4 (30)
Gorrill Gardens Located next to the wall on the outskirts of Trolberg.
Chapter 7 (46)
Cauldron Island Located in the bay, this is the only place in Trolberg where a Lindworm can be found. The small island is rich in flowers.
Chapter 8 (13)
Hardware store Where Johanna temporarily got to work in Chapter 8: The Tide Mice. It sells, among other things, all sorts of camping gear.
Trolberg railroad
Railroad Yard A location so far only seen in the Graphic Novels; the railroad crosses the entire city of Trolberg. The current railroad company occupaying Trolberg seems to still use steam locomotives for motive power.
Trolberg market
Market So far only seen in the Graphic Novels. Consists of various stands.
Chapter 3 (60)
Gorill Gardens bell tower A large bell tower in Trolberg, seen in the graphic novels, animated series and tie-in books, but only mentioned by name in the latter.

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  • Due to the danger that Trolls pose to humans, the city of Trolberg has strict rules against bringing a Troll Rock into the city. According to David, purposely bringing a troll rock into Trolberg is punishable with 50 years in prison, and doing it by accident is good for 100 years (since they really don't want people to do this by accident).
  • Trolberg has a special task force, the Trolberg Safety Patrol, for dealing with creatures that got into the city. In the graphic novels and animated series, they are the only form of law enforcement seen. The novelization however mentions a Trolberg police force.
  • Trolberg has its own newspaper: the Trolberg Daily.
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