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The Triffid[1] is a large, plant-like creature that appears in the episode "Chapter 3: The Witch", and the novelization "Hilda and the Ghost Ship". The creature is only mentioned by name in the latter.

Appearance and abilities

The Triffid is a plant with long vines and red/white/black flowers, with 2 yellow dots that resemble eyes. The plant can instantly regenerate any part that is chopped off, and each severed tendril will grow into a duplicate of the original plant.

Role in the series

The creature is the first of the various obstacles in a magical maze that leads from Witches Tower to the house of Matilda Pilqvist. Hilda, Frida and Kaisa encounter the Triffid while navigating this maze. When the Triffid attacks them, Hilda tries to fight it off with a sword she finds in the room, but due to the plant's ability to regenerate, she only makes the situation worse. Frida eventually figures out the sword is the key to opening the next door, and they escape the plant.

Later, when the girls find themselves in the Void of No Return, Frida summons a portal to bring the Triffid to the void. Her plan worked, and the Triffid is able to fight and subdue the void.



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