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Torgund is a viking, and leader of his clan. He appears in the season 2 episode "Chapter 4: The Eternal Warriors", and the tie-in novel "Hilda and the White Woff". His role is the same in both continuities. The character does not appear in the graphic novels.


Torgund is a huge, muscular man with a blonde beard and long blonde hair. He wears blue facepaint. In battle, he wields a magic sword that glows with blue light.


Torgund is a brave fighter, but gentle towards friends and allies. When he found the injured David in the woods, he didn't hesitate to bring the boy back to his men to have his injuries treated.

Under influence of the Medallion of Sigurd, he becomes reckless, more arrogant, and is prone to rushing into battle without a plan.


Several hundred years ago, Torgund and his clan came to the Forest of Nott to find the Medallion of Sigurd, which would forever take away their fears. They believed this would make them better warriors. Their rivals, the Knudsen clan, also came to the forest for this reason. One of the clans managed to steal the medaillion from Sigurd, but fell in battle with their rivals because their new fearlessness also made them reckless. Sigurd, angered by the theft, used a potion to restore the fallen clan back to life, and wipe their memories of the battle. Since that day, the two clans got trapped in an endless battle over the medaillon. Each night, the clan that had the Medallion would be slain in battle due tot heir recklessness, after which Sigurd revived them and the battle started over, with neither clan realizing they were trapped in a repeating loop, or how much time truly passed.

Early in "Chapter 4: The Eternal Warriors", Torgund finds David, who has fallen off a cliff and hit his head against a tree. He takes the boy with him back to the cave his clan is living in, and has his injuries treated. After David regains consciousness, Torgund invites him to become their messenger boy in the next fight with the Knudsen clan. David reluctantly agrees. Although he doesn't get to do much usefull in the battle, Torgund nevertheless allows him to use the Medallion after they won.

When David, Hilda and Frida see how Sigurd brings the fallen Knudsen back to life, David warns Torgund. He and his men immediately set out to kill the Knudsen once more. This time however, their lack of fear makes them too reckless to fight properly, and they end up getting killed.

The clan is revived again after Hilda and Frida convince Sigurd to stop his revenge. Sigurd also convesses the truth about what he has been doing, which Torgund actually considers quite a solid gag. When last seen, he and his clan are testing out the reviving-potion Sigurd gave them.


  • The only part of the episode not adapted into the novel, is the ending where Sigurd confesses his prank to the Vikings and gives them the potion. It is thus unknown how Torgund reacted to the news in the tie-in series.

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