• Do you have any idea how much trouble you caused me with your bullshit? Offer your apology and be done with this. I'm tired of you running away and being a dick to me. You and Okami have been nothing but rude arrogant assholes towards me and all I've tried to do is talk to you. 

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    • Can you please calm the fuck down? I literally just joined this wiki and I already regret ever being here because of your hatred towards the owner.

      For once, how about YOU stop being an asshat and get yourself together.

      This shit ain’t going to fix itself, you know.

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    • But, I know you cannot be friends with everyone. And, I can’t decide shit for you.

      You know what, I don’t care, go ahead. Make the owner miserable.

      It’s your choice, not mine.

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    • sprite cranberry

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    • 😂

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    • A FANDOM user
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