• I have a bit of an idea that I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in where I make a Hilda Challenge, You know something where there's a specific thing about Hilda for each day that you like about the show and the universe of Hilda. Would anyone be interested in something like that. I'm thinking that I'll wait until March to do it because there's only 29 days in February and I'd start planning out what each challenge of the day could be. An example template I have for it at the moment is something like this

    Day 1- Favorite Character

    Day 2- Favorite Supporting Character

    Day 3- Favorite Animal

    Day 4- Favorite Scene

    Day 5- Favorite Character you want to see more of in Season 2

    Day 6- What are your opinions about the 70 Minute Hilda Movie?

    Something like that

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    • I don't think you're going to get a response from our founder. He hasn't been active on the wiki since april 2019.

      I like the idea though. I suggest you ask the bureaucrats for their opinion.

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    • Oh I didn't know that, my bad

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    • A FANDOM user
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