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Usage instructions

This template can be used to make navboxes in various styles. Type in the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Note the maximum number of groups and lists is 12.

{{Simple Navbox
|name = 
|title = 
|titlebg =
|background = 
|uncollapsed = 
|tablewidth = 


Values are as follows.

Parameter Explanation
name The name of the template itself.
title The title that you want to display in the navbox's heading
titlebg The background color of the header.
background The background color of the entire navbox.
uncollapsed Type here if you want the navbox uncollapsed.
tablealign The table's alignment (left, right, center).
tablefc The font color of the navbox.
tablewidth The width of the navbox.
border The border style of the navbox.
fontsize The overall size of the text.
header1 Type in here if you want to have a subheader.
headerfc The color of the subheader text.
group1 The content for the first column. This is used as a veritcal subheading.
group1fc The color of group 1's text
groupwidth The width of the group 1.
list1 The content for the first list. This appears as the content next to group 1.
list1fc The color of list 1's text.
list1bg The color of the list 1's background.