Hilda: A Netflix Original Series Wiki

The second season of Hilda was announced at the New York Comic Con panel in October 2018, just weeks after the release of season one.[1]

The season was released on Netflix on December 14, 2020.[2]

Like season one, the second season consists of 13 episodes.

A song written and performed by Bella Ramsey called "The Life of Hilda", plays over the end credits of Chapter 7: The Beast of Cauldron Island, which is about Hilda trying to learn from her mistakes.


No. Overall No. in Season Titlecard Title Airdate Adapted from
14 1 Season 2 Chapter 1 title card.png "The Troll Circle" December 14, 2020 Hilda and the Stone Forest (partially)
15 2 TheDraugen.png "The Draugen" N/A
16 3 TheWitch.png "The Witch"
17 4 TheEternalWarriors.png "The Eternal Warriors"
18 5 The Windmill.png "The Windmill"
19 6 The Old Bells.png "The Old Bells of Trolberg"
20 7 The Beast.png "The Beast of Cauldron Island" Hilda and the Stone Forest (partially)
21 8 The Fifty Year Night.png "The Fifty Year Night" N/A
22 9 The Deerfox.png "The Deerfox"
23 10 The Yule Lads.png "The Yule Lads"
24 11 The Jorts Incident.png "The Jorts Incident"
25 12 The Replacement.png "The Replacement"
26 13 The Stone Forest.png "The Stone Forest" Hilda and the Stone Forest