Hilda: A Netflix Original Series Wiki

The first season of the Hilda series was released onto Netflix on September 21, 2018.


Hilda is a young girl who grew up with her mother in a cabin in the wilderness. After a giant destroys her cabin, she and her mother are forced to move to Trolberg.

Over the course of the season, she and her deerfox Twig, later accompanied by an elf named Alfur, and friends David and Frida, go on a number of adventures interacting with and befriending the mysterious animals and spirits that inhabit the city of Trolberg.


No. Overall No. in Season Titlecard Title Airdate Adapted from
1 1 Ch1 the-hidden-people titlecard.png "Chapter 1: The Hidden People" September 21, 2018 "Hildafolk"
Tiny, invisible people threaten Hilda's fun filled and adventurous life in the wilderness with her Mother and pet deer-fox, Twig.
2 2 Ch2 the-midnight-giant titlecard.png "Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant" September 21, 2018 "Hilda and the Midnight Giant"
Hilda reaches out to a sad and lonely giant while her mum, worried about the threats they've received, mulls over a move to the city of Trolberg.
3 3 Ch3 the-bird-parade titlecard.png "Chapter 3: The Bird Parade" September 21, 2018 "Hilda and the Bird Parade"
Encouraged by her mother to make new friends in Trolberg, Hilda instead buddies up to an injured bird who's lost his memory.
4 4 Ch4 the-sparrow-scouts titlecard.png "Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts" September 21, 2018 N/A
After joining the Sparrow Scouts, Hilda partners with her new pals Frida and David to clean up a park, not realizing what's lurking underground.
5 5 Ch5 the-troll-rock titlecard.png "Chapter 5: The Troll Rock" September 21, 2018 N/A
On parent-teacher night, Hilda springs into action when she discovers David's pet rock is not what it seems.
6 6 Ch6 the-nightmare-spirit titlecard.png "Chapter 6: The Nightmare Spirit" September 21, 2018 N/A
When David blames his nightmares on Hilda and her hair-raising adventures, she decides to try and help him face his fears.
7 7 Ch7 the-lost-clan titlecard.png "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan" September 21, 2018 N/A
In an attempt to earn their Sparrow Scouts botany badges, Hilda, David and Frida make a surprising discovery when they search for a rare plant.
8 8 Ch8 the-tide-mice titlecard.png "Chapter 8: The Tide Mice" September 21, 2018 N/A
Hilda uses a spell from a library book to help David with his auditions and her mom with her job. But it has unforeseen consequences.
9 9 Ch9 the-ghost titlecard.png "Chapter 9: The Ghost" September 21, 2018 N/A
Frida's messy room and missing book lead the gang on a ghost hunt that ends up putting their growing friendship to the test.
10 10 Ch10 the-storm titlecard.png "Chapter 10: The Storm" September 21, 2018 N/A
When her favorite radio weather reporter goes silent during a raging blizzard, Hilda decides to investigate, with David and the Raven in tow.
11 11 Ch11 the-house-in-the-woods titlecard.png "Chapter 11: The House in the Woods" September 21, 2018 N/A
As Hilda ventures her way through the woods with Woodman, trying to get home, they encounter a magical house that seems to not want them to leave.
12 12 Ch12 the-nisse titlecard.png "Chapter 12: The Nisse" September 21, 2018 "Hilda and the Black Hound"
On the day of an overnight camping trip, Hilda tries to help a down-and-out house spirit. Frida makes new friends, and a mysterious beast roams Trolberg.
13 13 Ch13 the-black-hound titlecard.png "Chapter 13: The Black Hound" September 21, 2018 "Hilda and the Black Hound"
As fear grips the city over the Black Hound, Hilda makes it her mission to help the Nisse Tontu, even if it means having less time to earn Sparrow Scout badges.