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Sea Bones is a game of chance seen in the animated series.

The game involves six dice, two white and four red, decorated with various symbols, including a skull, crossed bones, a dragon and a cutlass.

In "Chapter 2: The Draugen", Wood Man is in the Salty Maiden, playing a game of Sea Bones with several sailors, including the peg legged sailor and a bearded sailor. When Hilda finds him, he has just won the last round, and claimed his price, including a boat.


The rules of Sea Bones are left unexplained, but a few details can be gleaned from the episode.

  • Including Wood Man, four people sit at the table, and two more stand nearby watching. It's possible the two sailors standing were eliminated in prior rounds, and the four at the table are the ones still in the game, so the game can almost certainly be played with 4-6 players, though it may be possible to play with more or less than that.
  • Five of the six dice faces can be determined, as the crossed bones are represented on at least two faces on the white dice, if not the red dice as well.
  • If two dice (possibly the white dice specifically) land on the face bearing the dragon image, this is called Double Dragons, Wood Man wins the pot with this roll, so Double Dragons is either an inherently favorable roll, or one that Wood Man bet on specifically.
  • Certain dice combinations have specialized names (Double Dragons), not unlike the game of Craps, a dice game played with only two dice. Correspondingly, it is possible that the white dice play a more pivotal role in the outcome of a game of Sea Bones than the red dice.