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Nowhere Space of Hilda's House

The Nowhere Space (also called "Nisse Space" by Hilda in episode 13) is a pocket dimension in which Nisse go to make their nests in homes.


Every building comes with its own version of Nowhere Space, which is composed of all the unused spaces in that building. These spaces include the room underneath furniture, behind paintings, or spots on shelves that can't be reached or seen. Nisse can freely enter and leave Nowhere space from any point where the unused space starts. It's also possible to enter a building's nowhere space from the outside, as proven by Tontu in "Chapter 13: The Black Hound".

The Nowhere Spaces of multiple buildings are connected, allowing Nisse to use Nowhere Space to quickly travel from building to building. Nisse can bring others with them into Nowhere Space, and even teach other creatures how to enter and leave Nowhere Space on their own. Jellybean was taught how to do this as a pup by the nisse living in Hilda's house.


From the inside, Nowhere Space appears as a pinkish void with a solid floor and dozens of holes that lead to the various entry and exit points in the building the Nowhere Space belongs to.

Outside world

The outside world also has a version of Nowhere Space. However, due to its immense size, one could easily get lost in it forever, or end up at any point in the world at random when trying to escape. In "Hilda and the Nowhere Space", Tontu explain this phenomenon with the Ehrenfest paradox. Because of this, Nisse usually don't dare to travel here, not even when they are homeless.

In "Chapter 13", the two Tontu's are forced to let the car with Hilda, Johanna and Jellybean in (or in Jellybeans' case, on) it enter this Nowhere Space in order to prevent it from crashing into the city wall of Trolberg. While Hilda, Johanna, Jellybean and Tontu managed to escape after a few seconds in this Nowhere Space, and ended up on the other side of the wall, Jellybean and his owner got separated from the others and disappeared into the void. They eventually escaped as well and thus emerged in the wilderness near the remains of Hilda's old home. The same scenario also happens in "Hilda and the Black Hound" (with the difference that Jellybean and his owner end up in an undisclosed location), and "Hilda and the Nowhere Space" (where it's not revealed where they ended up).

The novelization further states that the outside world's nowhere space is airless, making it impossible to breathe. This fact is not brought up in the graphic novels or animated series.

Other dangers

Another danger about Nowhere Space is that if an attempt to enter the pocket dimension is interrupted, the traveller could be send to a different location. This happened to Hilda and Johanna in the graphic novel "Hilda and the Stone Forest", as well as the episode "Chapter 13: The Stone Forest", when Johanna caught Hilda sneaking into Nowhere Space despite being grounded, and tried to pull her back out. The two of them got send to the Stone Forest as a result.

In "Chapter 5: The Windmill", it is revealed that if a breach to Nowhere Space stays open for too long, it begins to suck everything near it into nothingness. Trolberg was threatened with this when Victoria Van Gale used a machine to open a breach.


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