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Nicholas is a character from season 2 of the animated series. He is a draug.


Like all Draugen, Nicholas looks like a humanoid, ghostly creature, with his bones visible inside his body. He has glowing eyes, and is missing part of his skull.


Nicholas is a firm believer in rules and traditions, and can't resist the urge to bring them up if someone asks about it or if he sees a rule being broken. He is also very nervous and superstitious.


It is unknown how long ago Nicholas died. When first seen, he is serving on a draugen ship under captain Abigail. Along with her crew, he sails the waters near Trolberg. They never return to land because they prefer to be draugen rather than ordinary Ghosts.

Nicholas encounters Hilda, Wood Man and Twig when they seek out her ship. Nicholas is terrified at the idea of having a deer-fox on board, since he claims this brings bad luck. Seeing Twig's scarf on, he says it's adorable, just like the Wood Man said earlier. When Abigail tries to kill the three visitors to make them Draugen, Nicholas blurts out that there is a tradition that states a captive sailor will be set free if they beat the Draugen in a race. Hilda immediately seizes this opportunity. Hilda and Wood Man win thanks to a weather spirit, but because Wood Man still has the sextant he stole from the ship, the Draugen keep chasing them. They even sail into Trolberg; something Nicholas does not approve since Draugen never return to land. Eventually, Hilda lures the Draugen to the local graveyard, and summons the ghosts there. Nicholas is thus reunited with the ghost of his father, and disappears into a grave with him.

Other media

The events of "Chapter 2: The Draugen" are also adapted into the novel "Hilda and the Ghost Ship". Like in the series, Nicholas tells Hilda and Wood Man about their right to challenge the draugen to a race, which they win. However, unlike the series, the draugen return to sea after losing the race and thus are not reunited with their families on land.

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