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Because Hilda features a diverse cast of creatures, there are multiple minor creatures that have only been seen once, often no more than a cameo, and never given a proper name in the series. They will be listed here:

Graphic novels

Forest creature

Mysterious forest creature.jpg This creature is briefly seen in "Hildafolk" when Hilda and Twig are lost in the woods, just before Hilda smells smoke from the Wood Man's house.

White birdlike creatures

Tontu and Jellybean escaped Nowhere Space.jpg Two of these creatures can be seen in the final panel of "Hilda and the Black Hound", when Tontu and Jellybean are shown to have escaped Nowhere Space. They have a round head and long tail.

Slime-spitting rose

Slime spitting rose.png This large, white rose is seen in a single panel in "Hilda and the Stone Forest". It unleashes a green, slimelike substance onto Hilda, which Hilda later tried to explain to her mom without revealing she went on an adventure.

Book ghost

Ghost from book.png Early in "Hilda and the Stone Forest", a single panel shows Hilda and Frida summoning this creature from a book in the Library. Hilda was still stunned by the experience when she returned home in the next panel.

Green Worms

Green worms.png These large, green, wormlike creatures are seen in a single panel in "Hilda and the Stone Forest", on board the wreck of a ship Hilda and Twig are visiting.

Carrot Creature

Carrot creature.png
Carot creature - movie.png
This creature was briefly seen in "Hilda and the Mountain King", when Hilda, who had been turned into a Troll, declined the meat the other Trolls offered her and asked for something vegetarian instead. She was offered a carrot, but before she could take a bite the carrot turned out to be a living creature. Hilda thus refrained from eating it. It is theorized that it may be a Vittra, although this is unclear. A similar scene also appears in the movie.

Animated series

Footprint creature

Giant footprint.png In The Hidden People, while Hilda and Twig are running away from a Troll, they come across this giant footprint in the landscape, which puzzles and awes Hilda.

This footprint may be from Jorgen, but so far, it hasn’t been confirmed.

Flying Pigs

This unseen creature was mentioned by Alfur in The Lost Clan when he stated that events in which pigs gain the ability to fly occur “with some regularity”.

Ground Cows

These creatures are shown to live in the underground portion of Gorrill Gardens. They resemble cows, but only come up to Hilda's waist. A Vittra is shown herding them in The Sparrow Scouts, and another is seen painting one.

Tailed Butterfly

Tailed Butterfly.png
In The House in the Woods, two of these butterflies are seen in a tree as Hilda explores the Great Forest. They have small blue heart-shaped tails.

One butterfly briefly landed on Hilda's hand. The other was high up in a tree.

In The Deerfox, one of these butterflies appears during a flashback sequence.

In Hilda and the Mountain King, Baba escapes Tontu's attention and wanders off into the streets of Trolberg while chasing one of these butterflies.

Moss Creature

Moss creature.png
This creature appears in The House in the Woods. This creature resembles a large insect, with moss growing on it’s back.

It was resting on a tree on some actual moss, but retreated when Hilda took a closer look while trying to navigate her way back to Trolberg (using the navigation technique that moss always grows on the north side of trees).

Novelization & other books

Snaggletooth python

A creature that is briefly mentiond by David in "Hilda and the White Woff", but not actually seen. It is presumably some kind of snake.


This creature is mentioned in Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits, in the article that also covers Swamp Men. So far, they have not appeared in any other Hilda media.

Will-o-the-wisps appear as tiny, flickering balls of light, that lure unexpected people into swamps in an attempt to drown them. If the victim escapes, the will-o-the-wisp is known to get sulky.

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