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The Lindworm (/lɪndwɜrm/ LIND-wurm) is a minor character, introduced in "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan". She does not appear in the graphic novels, but is featured in the noveliaztion.

She is frequently visited by Elves to burn contracts in order to make them "null and void"; something she doesn't like.


Lindworms are a species of dragon. She has a long, snakelike body with two front legs but no hindlegs. She has dorsal fins, and antlers.

She can breathe blue fire, the embers of which keep glowing with an ethereal blue glow for a long time.


In "Hilda and the Great Parade", the book A Guide to the Serpents and Worms of Trolberg describes the Lindworm as an antisocial flammiferous carnivore; a fact also stated in "Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits". Indeed, the Lindworm does not like visitors on her island, in particular elves that want to get out of contracts. However, she quickly warms up to those that share her love for plants. By her own admission, she suffers from social-anxiety.[1]

The Lindworm lives by a code to never back away from a battle, and a higher code to never pick a battle she can't win.[2]

A lindworm's behaviour can be unpredicatable, so encounters with them tend to end badly.[3]


Animated series

Lindworms are quite rare. Most of them who lived in the area where Trolberg is located fled when the city was constructed. By the time the show is set, only one Lindworm still lives in Trolberg; on a small island in the bay. This island is known as "Cauldron Island". Here, she keeps a collection of many different plants, which she considers a treasure.

For many years, Elves have used lindworm fire to burn down elf contracts to make them invalid; an escape clause that is included in every Elf contract. However, the Lindworm grew tired of giving away her talents for free, and threatened to devour people or elves if they wanted to burn down an elf contract.

In "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan", Hilda, Frida and Alfur had to seek out a Lindworm to destroy a contract with the Bragga Family, since they refused to sign it and this was the only other way to end their exile.

Making the decision of using lindworm flame to burn the contract, Hilda, Frida and Alfur found the location of the island in a book, and traveled by riding on a water spirit to the island where the lindworm resided. They found her asleep in the middle of a land filled with flora, with smoke and small fire sparks flying out from her nostrils. Deciding to take a risk, Hilda tried to hold the contract out in front of the lindworm's nose so that it can burn from the sparks rising out. Unfortunately, Hilda accidentally stepped on a branch, waking the creature.

Agitated from disturbing her sleep, the Lindworm started to suspiciously interrogate the three, causing them to run away in fear. However, they were cornered in between a rock and the lindworm. She then told them that she was tired of giving away her talents for no price, and threatened to devour the trio. Alfur then told her that they were very willing to draw up an agreement, in which Hilda presented the plants the Sparrow Scouts had collected so far. The Lindworm accepted the plants (which are common in the city, but rare on her island) as payment, and destroyed the contract.

In "Chapter 7: The Beast of Cauldron Island", she gets blamed for attacking boats near Cauldron Island, while in fact this is the work of the Kraken. When David and Alfur come to warn her that Erik Ahlberg is comming to attack her, she refuses to leave because of her code and instead prepares for combat. In an attempt to give her a fight so she can leave without shame, Alfur summons the Lost Clan to the island to fight her. When the Kraken reveals itself, the Lindworm agrees that fleeing is the best course of action and leaves the island with David and the Lost Clan. She is not seen again for the remainder of the episode, leaving it unknown if she continued to live on the back of the Kraken.

Tie-in novels

The events from "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan" are adapted into "Hilda and the Great Parade". Her role in this book is identical to that in the animated series.

The events from "Chapter 7: The Beast of Cauldron Island" are adapted into "Hilda and the Ghost Ship". This adaptation has a few differences with the series; the Bragga don't appear, and after the Kraken turns it's attention to the sunken ships on the bottom of the fjord, the Lindworm is perfectly happy with continuing to live on Cauldron Island, since she will have less visitors than ever now that the island is revealed to be a Kraken.


Animated series



  • Her looks could potentially be a reference to the famous movie monster Godzilla, since both have dorsal fins and blue fire-like breath.


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