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Jorgen (also spelled as Jørgen) is a Male Giant who has been seen in the graphic novels, the animated series, and the novelization.

His role is the same in all incarnations.


Jorgen looks like a humanoid creature, but with a very long neck and no clear distinction between his neck and head. He has two glowing white eyes and a nose, but no visible mouth.

His body is covered in fur.


Jorgen is a gentle and patient giant. When Hilda sought him out to ask why he kept coming to her house, he politely explained her about his situation. He also calmly accepted the fact that his girlfriend might not come for him.


Jorgon performing his guard duty

Jorgen belongs to a race of ancient giants, that were the first creatures to live in the valleys. At one point in the past, he was chosen to be the next guardian tasked with guarding the Earth from the top of the tallest mountain in the North. For millennia, Jorgen fulfilled this task, unaware that in the meantime his fellow giants were driven off the Earth by humans.

When his duty was over, he returned to the valley to reunited with his girlfriend, but could not find her. He met Hilda, and she told him his friend was probably gone. Thankfully, this was not the case; she was simply asleep, and he didn't find her because her sleeping body resembled a mountain. After Hilda woke her up, she and Jorgen finally reunited and decided to follow their fellow giants into space.

Sadly, just before they left, the 2 giants accidentally crushed Hilda's house, completely destroying it (in the animated series, this was Jorgen's doing, while in the graphic novels, Illus did).



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