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This character is never given a name, but only described as The Jester

The Jester elf is an elf from the tie-in novel "Hilda and the Hidden People". The character is unique to this book, and does not appear in either the graphic novels or animated series.


The book contains no picture of the elf. He is described in the text as being dressed like a jester, with long curly shoes and a tricorn hat with jingly bells.


The elf resides in the Caves of Kismet, where he guards the entrance to the Test of Exceptional Braininess. When Hilda and Alfur enter the caves to visit the Elf Prime Minister, the jester tells Hilda she has to pass this third test first.

The test involves Hilda having to choose between two caves, guarded by two Water Spirits. One cave is where the Prime Minister lives, the other supposedly contains a flesh eating troll. Hilda can ask the water spirits one question only to find out which is the right cave, with the added twist that one spirit will answer truthfully while the other will lie. When Hilda expressed doubt about there actually being a troll, the elf claims his jester outfit with bells is specifically to keep this troll from eating him (since Trolls fear bells).

He is not seen again after Hilda passes the test.

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