Hilda and the Hidden People

First book in the series

The Hilda Tie-In series is a series of illustrated children's novels, based on the Hilda animated series.

The series currently consists of 3 novels, with 3 more scheduled for November 2020[1][2][3] The books are written by Stephen Davies. The first three are illustrated by Seaerra Miller, and the upcomming three will be illustrated by Victoria Evans. The books are published by Flying Eye Books.

Each book adapts multiple episodes of the animated series into a single story, while also adding more worldbuilding to the universe of Hilda (like naming characters and places that are nameless in the animated series). The order in which the adapted adventures take place is usually rearranged compared to the animated series.


Year Original Title ISBN Pages
2018 Hilda and the Hidden People 978-1911171447 176
2019 Hilda and the Great Parade 978-1911171454 200
2019 Hilda and the Nowhere Space 978-1911171508 200
2020 Hilda and the Time Worm 978-1912497850 200[1]
2020 Hilda and the Ghost Ship 978-1912497577 200[2]
2020 Hilda and the White Woff 9781912497584 200[3]


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