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Hilda (also known as Hildafolk) is an award-winning British childrens' graphic novel series that features the titular protagonist Hilda, written and illustrated by Luke Pearson and published by Nobrow Press. The first graphic novel of Hilda was released in 2010.


The graphic novels are set in a fantasy world resembling a late 20th century Scandinavia place and are drawing inspiration mainly from Scandinavian folklore and folk tales and The Moomins. The titular character is a small girl, who in the first two books lives with her mother in a cottage on a plain surrounded by mountains and forests, but later moves to the city of Trolberg. Hilda’s world is inhabited by regular people and fantastical creatures like trolls, giants, elves, and spirits. In the fourth book, Hilda joins Trolberg's Sparrow Scouts.

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Year Original Title Writer and illustrator Publisher ISBN Notes
2010 Hildafolk Luke Pearson Nobrow Press (London) ISBN 978-1907704048 re-released as Hilda and the Troll in 2013 by Flying Eye Books (London), ISBN 978-1909263147
2012 Hilda and the Midnight Giant Luke Pearson Nobrow Press (London) ISBN 978-1907704253
2012 Hilda and the Bird Parade Luke Pearson Nobrow Press (London) ISBN 978-1909263062
2014 Hilda and the Black Hound Luke Pearson Flying Eye Books (London) ISBN 978-1909263185
2016 Hilda and the Stone Forest Luke Pearson Flying Eye Books (London) ISBN 978-1909263741
2019 Hilda and the Mountain King Luke Pearson Flying Eye Books (London) ISBN 978-1-911171-17-1


The graphic novels have been released in locally translated versions in several other countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and Czech Republic.