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Hilda's house is a building in the city of Trolberg, where Hilda and Johanna go to live after the destruction of their previous house. It's been their home since "Hilda and the Bird Parade" (graphic novels) / Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant (animated series) / "Hilda and the Great Parade" (novelization).

The number of the house is 3.



The building has four floors overall, with Hilda's house consisting of the top two. The two floors below are another apartment. The flooring is some form of linoleum/tile, and the walls have red wallpaper.

The house has two bedrooms, a combined kitchen-living room, and a bathroom. Like many houses, it has a version of Nowhere Space that, up until chapter 13, was inhabited by the Nisse Tontu. After Tontu and their dog Jellybean got lost, another Nisse, also named Tontu, moved in here.

It is also revealed in the animated series that about 50 years before Hilda and her mother moved in, a different building resembling a hotel used to occupy the area. Yet the interior resembles the entrance of the apartment building with the same columns suggesting at some point the original structure may of been broken up into smaller buildings or partially demolished and converted into the apartments there now.


The hallway is the entrance to Hilda's apartment. It has a dresser with books and a potted plant, a coat rack, a bench, two paintings, a lamp, a trash can, and a closet.


The bathroom contains a bathtub, a sink, an orange shower curtain, a toilet, and a potted cactus.

Hilda's Bedroom

Hilda's bedroom has white carpeting and a striped rug. There is a rope of fairy lights strung across the shelves above her desk, which are covered in books and trinkets from the wilderness. On her desk is a lamp. There is a wardrobe at the foot of her bed.

Living Room

The living room contains a television and a table with a white tablecloth, where Hilda and Johanna eat. There is a couch, and a television. On one side is a dresser, a desk, a bulletin board, a lamp, and a large easel, which make up Johanna's workspace. It is connected to the kitchen.


The kitchen seems completely normal, with a refrigerator, white countertops covered in various items, and some shelves. It is connected to the living room.

Alfur's house

Alfur has his own home within Hilda's room. It is the size of a bird house, and stands on a shelf above her desk. Inside, he has a bed, a desk, and decorations like plants and paintings.




  • "Hilda and the Nowhere Space" reveals the apartment below Hilda's is inhabited by Mr. Farmor. In the graphic novels, nothing is revealed about her neighbor, and in the animated series, her downstairs neighbor is Peter Ostenfeld.
  • There's only one room that hasn't been showed yet, potentially it's Johanna's bedroom.
  • In the novel "Hilda and the Time Worm", is is stated that Hilda's house was a jazz club 50 years prior, which was eventually converted into apartments. It was in this club that Peter Ostenfeld met Matilda Pilqvist. In the animated series, this is not the case as the club is shown to be in a different building there.