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Hilda's Sparrow Scout Badge Guide is a book published by Flying Eye Books as tie-in to the Hilda animated series.

The book is written by Emily Hibbs and illustrated by Victoria Evans.


Join Hilda, Twig, and friends to find out what it takes to be a brave and brilliant Sparrow Scout in this very-nearly official (with a few little additions from Hilda) guide. Learn how to collect scouting badges, from practical outdoors awards to some of the REAL skills you need for life in Trolberg. Welcome to the flock!


The book is made to resemble a real-life version of the Sparrow Scout Badge Guide seen in the series, more specifically Hilda's copy of this book. It contains information on Trolberg, being a Sparrow Scout, and how to earn badges. All with additional comments supposedly written by Hilda herself.


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