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Gil Jones is a character appearing in the Season 2 episode "Chapter 11: The Jorts Incident". The character was created for the animated series and does not appear in the graphic novels.


Gil is a young man with brown hair and black little eyes like David.


When first seen, Gil is a delivery man working for Jorts. He is about to fill up a vending machine near a bus stop when Hilda, who is in a rush to catch the bus, crashes into him and causes him to drop his box of jorts. Gil doesn't mind though, since Hilda immediately appologizes and it isn't the first time this happens to him. Unbeknown to Hilda, the Tide Mice she summoned in season 1 were in her backpack, and use this opportunity to escape. After Hilda is gone, Gil spots the mice. Not knowing what they are, he offers them some Jorts as food. The mice then climb on him and make him their next host.

Due to the Tide Mice's luck, Gil is out of the blue promoted to head of Distribution when the previous head, Wanda, quits her job. This is the start of a chain of promotions which eventually lead to Gil becomming CEO of Jorts within a day, without actually doing anything to deserve that title. Gil has no idea what is going on, but accepts his good luck. However, like all hosts of the Tide Mice, the mice begin to prepare his soul for extraction so it can begiven to their summoner, Hilda.

When Hilda and friends learn what is happening, they come to Jorts to capture the tide mice. Hilda personally removes the two original tide mice from Gil. Gil is then able to capture them with more Jorts, and comes with the kids to Witches Tower so the spell can be broken and the mice banished for good.

When last seen, he is back to being a delivery man, but seemingly for a different company since he is wearing a purple uniform now.


  • He speaks with a southern North American accent.


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