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Georgie is the Vittra who had a small role in the animated series, "Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts". He made no appearance in any of the graphic novels


Georgie was one of the hibernating Vittra that Hilda, Frida and David mistook for weed when they tried to improve a section of the park for the Friend of the Park badge. They pulled him and several other Vittra out of the ground and brought them to the Trolberg Mulching Center to be grinded into mulch. When they learned of their mistake, they rescued the Vittra, including Georgie, from the center and returned them to the ground. Georgie slept through the whole ordeal and never realized the danger he was in.


  • Georgie is the only Vittra to get named in the series.
  • Early in "Hilda and the Nowhere Space", Hilda recalls how she and her friends had to save a group of Vittra from the mulching center. An image shows Hilda dangling from the Big Chipper, while holding a Vittra that strongly resembles Georgie. If this vittra is indeed Georgie is not revealed however.