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Frida's mom (real name so far unknown) is the mother of Frida. She is a supporting character in the animated series.


Frida's mom is a dark skinned woman with short black hair. Her age is unknown though she looks to be younger than her husband.


Not much is known about her personality wise, other than that, just like her husband, she wants her daughter to excel at school and be perfect. In "Chapter 5: The Troll Rock", she even tried to ask Ms. Hallgrim to give Frida more schoolwork to improve her grades.


Other media

Both she and her husband are never seen or mentioned in the graphic novels.

The Hilda Tie-In Series does occasionally mention them, most prominently in "Hilda and the Great Parade", where Ms. Hallgrim tells Hilda she received complaints from both David's and Frida's parents regarding the adventure with the Bragga Family. However, she still plays no direct role in any of the stories.


  • Since both she and her husband are absent in Season 2, it is unknown if they know Frida has become a Witch.
  • According to Andy Coyle and Megan Ferguson, the character has so far never been given an official name by anyone involved in the series. Even in the scripts, the character is nameless.[1]


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