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To earn the (Sparrow Scout badge), we need to...

―Frida to Hilda and David

Frida is one of Hilda's human friends.

She was only a minor character in the graphic novels, but the animated series turns her into one of the main characters alongside Hilda and David. She is a loyal member of the Sparrow Scouts and is responsible, organized, and dedicated. In season 2, Frida also becomes a witch-in-training capable of performing magic.


Frida has black hair with a light brown highlight that is always tied in a tail and a brown complexion.

Her usual outfit consists of a teal hoodie with a red stripe, black pants, and white shoes. In addition to this outfit, she can also be seen wearing her Sparrow Scouts uniform and her school uniform.

The light lilac hoodie(as shown in the photo above)was never used in the animated series and only used in Hilda Creatures.


In the graphic novels, not much is revealed about Frida's personality since she only has a small role. The animated series, however, gives her a more developed personality, which also partly carries over to the novelization:

Frida is strong minded, intelligent, and highly organized, and always makes detailed plans for everything (so much in fact that Hilda actually wondered if perhaps Frida was raised by Elves). She is prone to panic if her plans are ruined by unforeseen circumstances.

She is also competitive, always wanting to be the best. However, she tends to overthink things and tries too hard to be seen as perfect. The very idea that she might not be perfect scares her, as proven in chapter 9, when it is revealed she is not as neat as she appears to be. Her room was always tidy because a ghost helped her out. Without him, it quickly became a huge mess. This caused Frida to severely doubt herself, and eventually her insecurities led to a huge argument between her and her friends.

She plays a triangle for the Warblers. Her favorite book is "The Legend of Great King Condon".


Graphic novels

In the graphic novels, Frida is only seen interacting with either Hilda or David a few times, and only once is she seen with the two of them (in "Hilda and the Stone Forest"). Nothing is revealed about her home situation, or any other friends she might have. Since she asked Hilda to have a sleepover at her house in "Hilda and the Stone Forest", the two clearly have become good friends at this point.

Animated series

In the animated series, Frida lives with her father and mother. She is an only child. While her parents love her, they do push her to be perfect and she is terrified to disappoint them. In Chapter 5: The Troll Rock, they even ask Mrs. Hallgrim to give Frida more math homework to bring up her score from 99 to 100.

Hilda: She first meets Hilda in "Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant", but they were properly introduced after Hilda joined the Sparrow Scouts. The two girls quickly became friends, especially after Hilda rescued Frida when she got stuck in a Vittra tunnel. Their friendship was temporarily soured however in "Chapter 9: The Ghost", when Hilda failed to reclaim a book Frida lost. They reconciled in "Chapter 13: The Black Hound" after Hilda rescued her from the Black Hound. When Frida begins her studies to become a Witch in season 2, Hilda becomes her familiar.

David: Frida and David have been friends since before the start of the series (a flashback shows both have been members of the Sparrow Scouts together for at least a year prior to the events of "Chapter 8: The Tide Mice"). She frequently looks out for him and tries to keep him out of trouble.

Alfur: After signing the paperwork in chapter 7, Frida became able to see Elves. She and Alfur thus met and went along pretty well due to their shared love for order, schedules and knowledge.

Kelly: Frida befriended Kelly after driving away Hilda and David in episode 9. Kelly planned to make Frida a Marra as well. Thankfully, this never happened as David and Hilda interfered, and Kelly soon after double crossed Frida to escape from The black hound.

Matilda Pilqvist: In Season 2. Matilda becomes Frida's teacher in the arts of Magic.


In the Hilda Tie-In Series, Frida's parents are mentioned a few times but don't play a role in any of the books.

Like in the other incarnations, she is a Sparrow Scout and friends with David since before she met Hilda. Here, she and Hilda become friends when they are assigned to a school project together.


Animated series

Season 1

Not much is known about Frida's life from before she met Hilda, other than that for years, her bedroom would always magically clean itself overnight, causing Frida to think that this was normal for bedrooms.

She first met Hilda during school recess when Hilda and Johanna made a day trip to Trolberg, but their meeting was cut short when recess was over.

She properly met her when Hilda joined the Sparrow Scouts and was subsequently chosen by her along with David for their beautification project in Trolberg Park. During this project, the three friends accidentally dug up some sleeping Vittra, mistaking them for weed, and had to rescue them from getting grinded up to mulch.

During Parents Night at their school, Frida was forced to help Hilda and David capture a baby troll that David had accidentally brought to school. To do this, she had to distract Mrs. Hallgrim by getting her parents to talk to her; something she had tried to avoid since she knew her parents would ask Halgrim to give her more math homework. Hilda was eventually able to solve the situation by reuniting the young troll with it's mother.

When David became a victim of a Marra, Frida joined Hilda to try and solve the situation. When Hilda and David switched houses for the night to lure the Marra into a trap, Frida and Alfur also spend the night in David's house. Together, they manged to capture the Marra. When Hilda made a deal with the Marra to see if the Marra could scare her, Frida was forced to stay out of the matter and not wake up Hilda, or else the deal would be off. This put her in a difficult position when the Marra managed to find something Hilda feared. Fortunately, the situation got solved when David volunteered to take the Marra back, causing her to lose interest.

In "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan", Hilda, Frida, and David discovered the long lost Bragga Family of Elves living in Trolberg City Park. David was taken hostage by them, forcing Hilda and Frida to ask Alfur for help. In the process, Frida signed the proper paperwork and thus became one of few humans that can see Elves. She thus properly met Alfur for the first time and the two went along well. Alfur told the two girls about the ancient conflict that lead to the Bragga being banished from the northern counties and tried to end their exile with a new contract, only to learn the Bragga had sworn off all forms of paperwork. Instead, they demanded that Alfur would settle the old conflict by combat. Hilda agreed to this and even offered to help Alfur fight, but Frida interfered and suggested to find a solution that could benefit everybody. At her request, Alfur, Hilda and Frida sought out a Lindworm and had her destroy the contract; the only way to render any Elf contract void. Thus, the exile of the Bragga was ended.

In "Chapter 8: The Tide Mice", she was the first to notice the side-effects of the Tide Mice spell that Hilda had put on David, and warned her about this. This allowed the girls to find out in time that the spell would end with David's soul (and that of Johanna, who had also been given a Tide Mouse) being given to Hilda. With Alfur's help, the girls could find a counterspell. The following night, during the Warblers concert, Frida signaled Hilda when moon-rise began, since that was when the spell had to be used. The spell worked and both David and Johanna were saved.

In "Chapter 9: The Ghost", she ran for Class President of The Ahlberg School when one night her favorite book went missing and her room suddenly stopped cleaning itself. She then learned from Hilda and David that her room was unique in this regard, and David mocked her for believing rooms clean themselves, leading to several fights between the two. Hilda correctly guessed a ghost was responsible. They eventually found out the ghost was Craigie Williams, the previous owner of "The Legend of Great King Condon", and sought him out on the graveyard. Craigie suspected his sister Engilbjort was responsible and they challenged her to a fight for the book, but ultimately she turned out not to have it. With the book gone, Craigie had no desire to keep cleaning Frida's room. This completely shattered Frida's self-image of supposedly being perfect. She dropped out of the class president election, and in her anger drove away David and Hilda.

Following these events, Frida stopped hanging out with David and Hilda for some time. In this period, she met the Marra Kelly, and became her friend. She even went to some of the Marra's gatherings in the Huldrawood, including one on the night the Sparrow Scouts had their end-of-year camp. When Hilda and David sneaked out of the camp that night to find the Nisse Tontu, they saw Frida and the Marra participate in their nighttime ritual (telling stories about their victims, and absorb the magic flames from the campfire after each story). In a rare moment of bravery, David confronted the Marra and called Frida out for joining them. Moments later, The Black Hound attacked the group, and Kelly showed her true colors by using Frida as a distraction for the beast. It was only thanks to Hilda and David that Frida escaped. This finally restored their friendship.

Now back on Hilda and David's side, Frida offered to help Hilda earn at least one badge before the upcoming badge ceremony. She, Hilda and David went from door to door to collect stuff for the yearly jumble sale, and thus earn the fundraising badge. Frida also promised to help look for Tontu. Despite Frida's efforts, Hilda didn't get the badge since she was too occupied with finding Tontu.

During the badge ceremony, the Black Hound showed up again and caused panic at Scout Hall, until Tontu and Hilda lured the beast away. When the Hound chased them throughout various Nowhere Spaces, Hilda finally found Frida's missing book again in the nowhere space of her house and returned it to her room.

Frida was last seen at the end of chapter 13 when she and David visited Hilda.

Season 2

Frida briefly appears in "Chapter 1: The Troll Circle" when Hilda is picked up by Erik Ahlberg and Gerda Gustav to go on patrol with them. Her first big role this season is in "Chapter 3: The Witch", in which she and Hilda discover the legendary Witches Tower and learn that the Librarian, Kaisa, is a witch. They help Kaisa find Matilda Pilqvist by navigating a magical maze full of puzzles and obstacles, most of which are solved by Frida. Later, they also help her fight off the Void of No Return by first finding a book that contains a spell to repel the creature, and then lure a Plant Creature into the void to fight it. During this adventure, Frida displays enough skills that Matilda deems her capable of becoming a witch. She offers to teach Frida, and Frida accepts.

The rest of the season, Frida can be seen studying magic. In "Chapter 4: The Eternal Warriors", she, Hilda and David go on Sparrow Scouts camp in the Forest of Nott, where they meet two rivalling Viking Clans. In "Chapter 5: The Windmill", Frida meets Victoria van Gale for the first time when the kids discover she took up residence in the windmill on the edge of Trolberg. They help her patch up the windmill, and in return she gives them each a gift. Frida is allowed to pick a book from Victoria’s collection. She spends so long going through the books however that she is still in the windmill when Victoria starts her plan to open a breach to Nowhere Space. When Victoria discovers Frida is still in the windmill, she ties the girl up to prevent her from interfering with her plan. Fortunately, David and Hilda also discover what Victoria is up to and come to Frida’s aid. The adventure ends with Victoria being send to an unknown location.

In "Chapter 6: The Old Bells of Trolberg", Frida participates in Hilda’s plan to disable the new mechanical bellringers that Erik Ahlberg installed in all the bell towers around Trolberg. She and Hilda sneak into the central bell tower, where Frida uses a locator spell to discover which wire of the machine they should cut to disable the system. It works for a moment, but it turns out there is a backup system. Hilda is eventually able to sabotage this too with help of the Keeper of the Bell.

In "Chapter 7: The Beast of Cauldron Island", Frida has started practicing a spell to magically connect to other living creatures. This comes in handy when a Kraken begins to attack ships in the harbor, and the Lindworm is blamed for it. While Frida and Hilda, with help of a water spirit investigate the matter, they find a ship-graveyard on the bottom of the fjord. When the Kraken reveals itself and attacks Erik Ahlberg’s fleet so it can feed the boats to it’s children, Frida uses her newly learned ability to inform the Kraken about the ship graveyard, and that her children can feed on that. It works, and the Kraken retreats.

Frida has a small role in "Chapter 9: The Deerfox", where she, Hilda and David try to reclaim David’s shoes from a ghost, and eventually succeed with help of Twig.

In "Chapter 10: The Yule Lads", Frida, Hilda and David sell broth for the Sparrow Scouts during the Trolberg Winter Festival, and meet the Yule Lads. When they find out the Yule Lads abduct naughty people to feed them to Gryla, Hilda and friends convince them to give Gryla the broth instead. Gryla accepts the offer, and the Yule Lads release all the people they caught.

In Chapter 11: The Jorts Incident, the Tide Mice cause trouble again when they attach themselves to Gil Jones, a delivery man of Jorts, and rapidly multiply. Frida, Hilda, David and Kaisa manage to capture them all, after which Frida joins forces with Kaisa, Tildy and the Committee of Tree to perform a new disenchantment spell to banish them for good.

In "Chapter 13: The Stone Forest", Frida has started practicing invisibility spells with help of Alfur, David and Hilda. When Hilda volunteers to get Frida some dust from the castle ruins for her next spell, but never comes back (she and her mother accidentally got send to the Stone Forest), Alfur, Frida and David go to Hilda’s house. They find the place deserted. Frida and David set out to find Hilda, but soon get lost themselves. They are found by Erik Ahlberg and Gerda Gustav of the safety patrol. Frida accidentally startles a group of Woff when she notices a rare white one among them, who collide with the zeppelin and cause it to crash. In the accident, Frida also hurts her foot. With no way to return to Trolberg before nightfall, the group spends the night in the woods. When a group of Trolls find them, Erik uses his bell, which angers the Trolls into attacking him. Frida tries to make Erik invisible as protection, but instead ends up turning him into a bug. Gerda puts him in a jar until Frida can turn him back to normal. The following day, the group manages to build an emergency blimp, and picks up Hilda and Johanna. Back in Trolberg, Gerda takes Frida and David to Safety Patrol HQ so Frida can work undisturbed. She manages to make Erik human again. Erik doesn’t seem to have noticed a thing about being a bug, and immediately goes back to his usual, egocentrical self by trying to rope David and Frida into giving a press statement about how he singlehandedly saved them. Gerda, who has enough of Erik’s attitude by now, quickly escorts the 2 kids out of the room, ignoring Ahlberg’s rant, and takes them home.


In the movie, Frida is first seen at school when she meets David, surprised he showed up (he got permission from his parents to stay at home). When she is in class, a member of the Safety Patrol shows the class a video about the dangers of Trolls. Due to her and David's experiences in "Chapter 13", the two know Trolls are not as bad as people claim, and try to convince her classmates about this. Some actually listen and together they form a protest group to demonstrate against Erik Ahlberg's anti-troll policies.

Not soon after, they learn Hilda has become the victim of a changeling spell, and try to figure out a way to restore her to normal. They ask Kaisa for help, but she claims witch magic cannot undo Troll Magic. The two try it anyway, but like Kaisa predicted, the spell fails. They also help Tontu to look after the now human Baba for a while, and offer Johanna to help search for Hilda, but she considers it too dangerous for them. Feeling left out, Frida suggests that they should seek out the Trolls so she can magically talk to them the same way she did to the Kraken. They put their plan in motion that night, with David distracting his mom (who is manning a belltower) so Frida can sneak out of the city. Frida finds a troll and helps him remove the bell that has been tied to his nose, but then Trundle and his followers launch their attack and wreck the belltowers with rocks. In the chaos, Frida is able to connect with a Troll and sees the same vision that Hilda saw earlier, about a giant figure resemling her mom rising up from the ground, destroying a city. The troll does not take kind to what Frida did, but she escapes from him thanks to David ringing a nearby bell. The two friends rejoin with Hilda, who is now human again. When Frida tells Hilda about her vision, Hilda realizes Trundle's true plan; to awaken Amma, the mother of all Trolls, who is sleeping under Trollberg. After Trundle is killed, but Hilda has convinced the Safety Patrol to stand down, Frida follows the Trolls to the center of the city, where she uses her magic to sense Amma talking to the Trolls.

Graphic novels

In the graphic novels, Frida is first seen in "Hilda and the Black Hound" during Sparrow Scouts camp, when Hilda sneaks away from her group because she saw Tontu. Later, Frida helped with the search for Hilda. After camp is cut short due to the Black Hound being seen in the area, Frida, Hilda, and two unnamed Sparrow Scouts go to collect donations of the jumble sale. Frida tries to cheer Hilda up for missing the chance to get the camping badge, but assures her Hilda will at least get the fundraising badge, only to notice that Hilda has wandered off again. She is next seen during the badge ceremony, getting her badges just before Jellybean enters Scout Hall.

In "Hilda and the Stone Forest", Frida is seen a few times during the compilation of Hilda's various adventures (Hilda shows Frida nowhere space, and both girls accidentally summon a spirit while visiting the library). Later, she calls Hilda to ask if they could have a sleepover at her place, but Johanna refuses since she doesn't want to dive Hilda over to Frida's house now. When The Great Raven stops by at Hilda's house, Hilda convinces him to take her and Frida for a flight across Trolberg. During the flight, they see Trolls are lighting up fires on the mountains around the city to warn the humans that they are still around. The Raven then collides with a zeppelin, and Frida falls off his back, but he catches her just in time. She is not seen again after this.


In the Hilda Tie-In Series, which adapts Season 1 (all episodes except 8 + 9, and the events of 10 only get mentioned) and Season 2 (all episodes except for 11, 12, and the main story of 9), Frida's role is for most part identical to the animated series, except the adventures happen in a different order. Major differences include:

  • The subplot concerning "The Legend of Great King Condon" and the ghosts never happens. Instead, it's the adventure with the Bragga Family and the Lindworm that strains Frida's friendship with Hilda, since Frida didn't like the adventure. The two make up when Hilda apologizes and asks for her help to hunt down the Baby troll in the school.
  • The subplot with Kelly befriending Frida also does not happen in the novelization.
  • Frida plays an active role in rescuing The Great Raven from Trevor, while in the animated series she was not friends with Hilda yet at that point.
  • In the adventure at Victoria van Gale's windmill, David is the one that gets captured and Frida fights Victoria Van Gale's nisse.
  • While Frida becomes a witch in training, she, Hilda and Kaisa never have to fight the Void of No Return.
  • The Sparrow Scout's broth that Frida and friends sell at the Trolberg Winter Festival is made from Frida's great-great-grandmothers secret recipe in this continuity.
  • The adventure with the Viking Clans happens while Hilda, Frida and David secretly go camping to collect dust from the ruins of Fort Ahlberg for Frida's witch studies, rather than during a Sparrow Scout camp.


Graphic novels

Animated series


Frida appears in all books of the Hilda Tie-In Series except in "Hilda and the Hidden People".

Behind the Scenes


Frida is voiced by Ameerah Falzon-Ojo.

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