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The Farmer is an unnamed character who appears in the fifth graphic novel, "Hilda and the Stone Forest", as well as Season 2 of the animated series.

His farm is located just outside the city walls of Trolberg, near the train tracks.


The Farmer is a young, adult man with orange hair and black bead eyes.

In the graphic novels, he appears to be slightly more muscular in build than in the animated series.


Graphic novels

At the start of the story, Hilda and Twig end up on the Farmer's property when chasing a rather bizarre creature in order to rescue a family of Elves. The creature knocked over some barrels. The noise alerted the farmer, who feared it was a troll and came to investigate, armed with a pitchfork. When he noticed it was just a girl, he calmed down. When Hilda asked him why he was looking for trolls, even though it was day, he showed her trolls had cleared his field of all vegetables, and even took his goat. This goat was later revealed to have been stolen by Baba's mom, who used it as a pack animal.

Animated series

The farmer appears in "Chapter 1: The Troll Circle". He is introduced in a scene similar to the graphic novel, when he finds Hilda and Twig outside his farm, and tells them how trolls have emptied his field and taken his goat. Later in the episode, when Hild and Erik Ahlberg are fleeing from a group of trolls, they run to his farm and try to get the farmer to let them in, but the farmer is in the middle of taking a bath, and by the time he finally opens the door, Erik and Hilda have already hidden themselves under the house. When one of the trolls tries to take the farmer's pig, the farmer uses the bell on his house to scare them off. This also gives Hilda and Erik a chance to run to a nearby Vittra tunnel.

In "Chapter 12: The Replacement", he is seen at the farmers market, getting caught up in the chaos caused by the Delegation for the Return of Wayward Elves chasing after Alfur.

In "Chapter 13: The Stone Forest", while the Farmer himself does not appear, it is finally revealed what became of his stolen goat; like in the graphic novels, Baba's mom took it and uses it as a pack animal, until the Two-Headed Troll steals the animal from her.


  • While the stolen goat also plays a small part in "Hilda and the White Woff", the farmer is not seen or mentioned in this story.

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