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The Prime Minister (real name unknown) is the one of the highest ranking rulers of the Elves, second only to the king. He governs The Northern Counties.

The prime minister appears in the animated series, the graphic novels, and the tie-in novels. His role in the story is identical in all incarnations.


He is a slender build elf with white skin and grey hair. He always wears a suit with a tie.


Like many of the Elves, he dislikes the humans living near any of the elf villages due to them constantly stepping on the elves houses which, even though they can't touch them, still scares the elves. When he ran for Prime Minister, he made the eviction of these humans (Hilda and Johanna) the main focus of his campaign. This is why he was elected.


The Prime Minister resides in a building hidden in a cave behind the great waterfall. The cave is unnamed in the graphic novels and animated series, but is named the "Caves of Kismet" in "Hilda and the Hidden People". The Prime Minister has his personal army; the Prime Minister's cavalry.

He is first seen when Hilda came to seek him out, after Alfur had helped her fill in the proper paperwork so she could finally see the Elves. Hilda tried to negotiate a truce between the humans and elves. Although the Prime Minister admitted he had nothing against Hilda and her mom personally, and only promised to have them evicted since he knew this would get him elected, he also stated the situation was now out of his hands. Only the King himself could arrange a truce.


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