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Ahlberg School, exterior

Edmund Ahlberg Elementary School is an elementary school in the city of Trolberg. This is the school that Hilda, David, and Frida attend to.

The school is named after its founder, Edmund Ahlberg.


Ahlberg school 300 years ago.png

The school was founded 300 years prior to the events from the series by Edmund Ahlberg, nicknamed the Trollslayer. His vision was to create a school based on the proven values of structure, discipline, and treating every student exactly the same.

Over time, the school greatly expanded from the small wooden building it started with, to the building used in the show.

School uniform

Frida, Hilda, and David in three variations of the school uniform (trousers, skirt + leggings, shorts)

The Ahlberg School requires all students to wear school uniforms.

The uniform consists of:

  • A dirty-yellow colored sweater, with a white insignia on the left chest.
  • A white shirt with a collar, worn underneath the sweater (thus with only the collar visible)
  • A red necktie worn underneath this sweater
  • Either black trousers, black shorts, or a grey skirt with black leggings.

Class president

Every year, a student of the school can be elected class president. The election is proceeded by a campaign.

In "Chapter 9: The Ghost", Frida tries to run for president, with Hilda as her campaign manager, but ultimately drops out of the race.

What role the class president fulfills once elected is currently unknown.


Known students


  • While Hilda mentions her school a couple of times in the graphic novels, the building itself is never actually seen in any of them.