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The Delegation for the Return of Wayward Elves is a department within the government of the Elves of the Northern Elven Counties.

Their task is to pick up Elves from the Northerns Counties that are currently staying outside the counties, and escort them back once they are relieved from their current post.

All members wear blue & red, pointy hats, and blue robes with a red sash.

They appear in "Chapter 12: The Replacement" when they are tasked to escort Alfur back to the Northern Counties after Alvin replaces him as the correspondent in Trolberg. The Delegation sends five members. It is unknown if these are the only members, or if there are more. They arrive in Trolberg with a ship. While in Trolberg, the whole Delegation ends up getting caught by Gerda Gustav, who mistakes them for Spirits (she hasn't filled out the paperwork to see Elves), but rescued by Alfur.

Known members