deer-fox (can also be written as "deer fox" or "deerfox") is a small, furry creature resembling, as the name suggests, a cross between and deer and a fox. More specifically; they have the head, body and tail of a fox, but with antlers and hooved feet like a deer.

In the graphic novels, animated series and novelization, only a single specimen is ever seen; Hilda's pet deer-fox Twig. When Frida first sees him in "Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts", she refers to him as a deerfox, suggesting there are more that simply haven't been seen yet.


Not much is known of the deer-fox species. It seems to originate from the wilderness, possibly a forest. Like previously mentioned, Hilda's pet deer-fox Twig is the only known specimen in existence.

Luke Pearson stated in an interview that Twig is not a fully grown deer-fox, implying that adult deer-fox are bigger. It is unknown however how big a fully grown deer fox is, or how long it takes them to reach their full size. In the Graphic Novels, at least a year passes between "Hilda and the Bird Parade" and "Hilda and the Stone Forest" (the annual Bird Parade) is held in both stories), yet Twig does not grow notably larger between these stories.

Species' Members

  • Twig (only currently known specimen)


  • In the animated series, David has said that Twig's antlers are pointy, and they held their own against a garden spade, implying that they are stronger than they look. This is presumably true for all deer-fox.

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