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The Eternal Warriors is the fourth episode of the second season, and the seventeenth episode of the Hilda TV series, was released on December 14th, 2020 on Netflix.


David confronts his many fears when he stumbles into a ferocious battle during an overnight Sparrow Scouts camping trip with Hilda and Frida.


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The Sparrow Scouts go on a three-day camping trip in the Forest of Nott, outside Trolberg. David is nervous about the dangers, especially Trolls, that they might encounter there, while Hilda has secretly brought Twig along. Once they arrive at their destination, Raven Leader splits the scouts in groups of 3 and sends them on their assigned hikes. Hilda, Frida and David decide to go visit the Screaming Stones, though David would rather stick to the recommended course.

During the day, David’s fear gets him in trouble multiple times (he falls into a stream, gets attacked by a bird, and is afraid to jump over a narrow chasm), and this slows down him and his friends to the point they don’t reach the stones before nightfall. They spend the night on a hill. When Hilda and Frida start telling ghost stories, a terrified David excuses himself and goes for a walk. As he laments to Twig how he can’t be brave, he falls off a cliff and collides with a tree, knocking him out cold. Frida and Hilda hear him scream, but think it’s the stones.

When David wakes up, he and Twig are in a cave occupied by a group of Vikings, led by Torgund. They are looking for the Medallion of Sigurd, which can render anyone who touches it fearless. But to get it, they have to defeat their rivals, the Knudsen clan, first. David accepts Torgund’s offer to become their messenger boy on the battlefield, so he too can use the medallion and become brave. Torgund and his men ambush the Knudsen clan, and a fierce battle follows. Torgund’s men emerge victorious, and all Knudsen are killed. They claim the medallion and use it on themselves, David included.

The medallion works, and the following day David has become fearless. He even jumps off a waterfall and chases away a bear. Frida and Hilda however are uncomfortable about this change. They reach the screaming stones, and see a strange creature emerge from the swamp. David tells the girls about the battle, and shows them the corpses of the Knudsen clan as proof. Then the creature they saw at the Screaming Stones shows up, and uses some sort of potion to bring the dead Kundsen back to life. Startled by this, David takes Frida and Hilda to Torgund to warn him. Torgund and his men immediately head out for another fight, and David joins them. Unfortunately, their new lack of fear also made them reckless, and this time the Knudsen emerge victorious. Torgund and his men are all killed, including David.

Frightened, Frida and Hilda run back to the swamp in the hope that the creature will help them revive David. The creature turns out to be Sigurd; the original owner of the medallion. The Vikings stole it from him, and as revenge he has been reviving them every night for the past few centuries, trapping them in an endless battle. He doesn’t want the medallion back since it makes you an idiot; the side that has it always loses the fight. Hilda makes him realize this has gone on long enough. Sigurd gives her the potion. Soon, David and all Torgund’s men are revived. Surprisingly, they are not mad at the reveal they have been trapped in battle for centuries, and treat it as a good joke. David is back to his old, fearful self, but that is just how Hilda and Frida prefer him to be. Sigurd lets Torgund have the potion. They proceed to have some fun with it, killing and reviving each other over and over, while Hilda, Frida and David continue their camping trip.

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  • The episode reveals that David likes light rock music.
  • This is the first, and so far,only, episode in the animated series where David says his own name.
  • One of the viking's weapons bears a resemblance to a bat'leth from the Star Trek franchise.
  • Frida mentions the Sparrow Scouts have a subgroup named Fledgling Scouts for younger children.
  • This is the first episode to feature on-screen death as Knudsen and his clan are killed as well as Torgund's clan and himself and David. Later the movie would do the same thing with Trundle getting killed.
  • This is the second episode where David sings, but unlike last time in "Chapter 8: The Tide Mice", this time Oliver Nelson does his own singing.
  • Song featured in this episode: Don't Let Your Love Fly Away.

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