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The Yule Lads is the tenth episode of the second season, and the twenty third episode of the Hilda TV series, was released on December 14th, 2020 on Netflix.


On their way to Trolberg's Winter Festival, Hilda, Frida, and David come across a group of odd little fellows who are on the hunt for naughty kids.


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Winter has come, and in Trolberg people are preparing for the annual Trolberg Winter Festival; a celebration during which the Sonstansil Tree blooms and people exchange gifts. Unbeknown to anyone, a monster is on it’s way to the city.

Hilda, Frida and David are preparing to sell broth for the Sparrow Scouts. Hilda hopes to use the tips, which they are allowed to keep, to buy her mom a snow globe as a present. On the way to the market, they notice a wooden cabin that wasn’t there the day before. Inside, they find 13 strange little men called the Yule Lads. Their leader, Kertasnikir, tells Hilda they are there to hunt down naughty children. They deem Hilda and her friends not naughty. Hilda invites them to come to the festival.

On the market, Trevor and his mom also have a stand. Trevor’s mom warns her son to stay away from Hilda, but Trevor is clearly up to something. The broth sale is going well, but the Yule Lads have less luck; they can’t find any naughty kids. Hilda offers them some broth. They instantly like it, but since they have no money, Hilda pays for them with the tips they received so far. Then Trevor and his friends attack the stand with snowballs, and wreck the broth. Kert is delighted to see there are naughty kids after all, and even more when Frida tells him there are also naughty adults, like Trevor’s mom. The Yule Lads launch a counter attack and drive Trevor and his friends off.

Back home, Hilda and Johanna have an argument about Hilda always leaving her tea bags on the counter. When Hilda goes to bed, Johanna tells her a story about Gryla; an ogress that eats naughty children. Nobody knows where she lives or what she looks like. Legend has it she sniffs out naughty children and turns them  into stew. Hilda is mortified, but at the same time excited to hear more. Elsewhere, the Yule Lads pay a visit to Trevor’s house, and abduct both Trevor and his mom.

The following morning, the tea bag discussion continues as Hilda catches her mom doing the same thing. On the market, Frida notices that Trevor’s mom’s stand is closed. As Hilda gives Kert more broth, she brings up how her mom is being hypocritical. Unfortunately, Kert interprets this as a sign Johanna is naughty. At the end of the day, Hilda and David split the tips from that day. It’s not enough for a snow globe though, so Hilda hopes a drawing of the snow globe will be good enough for her mom. Then something happens in the living room. When Hilda investigates, the place is a mess and Johanna is gone.  On the floor, Hilda finds a book her mom was reading, and from it learns the Yule Lads work for Gryla. They abduct naughty people to serve them to her so she won’t eat them.

Realizing her mom is danger, Hilda gets Tontu to bring her to the Yule Lads. The Lads prepare their sacrifice, while Gryla enters the city. Hilda confronts the Yule Lads with her discovery; they were once naughty human children, that volunteered to work for Gryla in return for not getting eaten. The lads confess Hilda is right, and assure her they take no pride in their work. They are Gryda’s slaves. Hilda has an idea; they could give Gryla the Sparrow Scout’s broth as a substitute for humans. Of course, this means they have to give up the secret recipe. Kert agrees. Trevor and Johanna are returned home while the kids prepare a large portion of the broth. Gryla accepts the broth and leaves the city again.

No sooner is she gone, or the Sonstansil Tree begins to bloom with glowing flowers. With their work done, the Yule Lads and their cabin disappear, while Trolberg celebrates the Winter Festival. David reveals he sacrificed some of his tips to buy Hilda the snow globe for Johanna. Johanna likes it. Gryla returns to her lair, and goes to sleep for another year.

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Character revelations

  • According to Frida, Trevor get the naughty streak from his mother, who is known as the "Queen Naughty".
  • It is revealed that Hilda is ticklish when Joanna tickles her as she tells her that Gryla will get her if she does not behave.


  • Trevor's voice is noticeably deeper than it was in Season 1, most likely due to Trevor's voice actor going through puberty.
  • An animated version of Black Christmas can be seen playing on the TV in the scene where Hilda reads the story of Gryla and the Yule Lads.

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