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Bartell Bragga is an elf, and the leader of the Bragga Family.


Like many Elves, Bartell has a white complexion, as well as black stick-like legs and arms. However, he has a large beard and mustache, which is rather unusual for an Elf.


Bartell can be quite violent, and has a short fuse. He absolutely loathes paperwork, and insists to settle every conflict with combat. He also hates members of the Aldric Family considering the incident that led to his family being banished from the Northern Counties. When faced with a problem, his favorite way of handling it is through combat.

However, when you're on his good side, he can be surprisingly calm and friendly. When David was the Bragga's hostage, Bartell and the boy went along pretty well, with Bartell even helping David get rid of the bugs in his hair by tying his hair into tails, and later stating David set a good example for future hostages.


Bartell has been leader of the Bragga for an unknown amount of time.

When Hilda, Frida and David visited the Bragga village to search for a blue nettle, Bartell ordered his men to attack the three and had David taken hostage. When Alfur came to the village as well to try and end the Bragga's exile with a new contract, Bartell instantly recognizes him a a member of the Aldric family and refused to sign. Instead, he wanted Alfur to settle to old conflict by fighting the 10 rabbit warriors of the Bragga. Frida interfered and offered to find a solution that could benefit everybody. At her request, Alfur, Hilda and Frida sought out a Lindworm and had her destroy the contract; the only way to render any Elf contract void. Thus, the exile of the Bragga was ended.

Bartell had mixed feelings about this however, since he and his family had no desire to leave their home in the Wall of Trolberg. Thus, he willingly gave Alfur the plot of land that the two families had been arguing over all those years ago, and invited the three humans to celebrate the end of the conflict.

In Season 2, when Erik Ahlberg decided to have the bells around Trolberg ring every hour, this greatly disturbed the Bragga, whose vilage was right underneath a bell tower. Bartell sought out Hilda to ask for her help. He allowed her to talk to the Keeper of the Bell first, but warned her that if diplomacy failed, he and his clan would go to war. Hilda found out Ahlberg had installed mechanical bellringers in all the towers, and along with David, Frida, Tontu and Bartel came up with a plan to disable the central control system. Bartel and his clan attacked the Trolberg Safety Patrol officers that where guarding the central belltower so Hilda could sneak in and disable the system. The plan succeeded thanks to unexpected help from the Keeper.

Bartell was next seen when a Kraken began to attack ships in the harbor, and the Lindworm was blamed for it. Because the Lindworm refused to abandon her home on Cauldron Island without a fight, Alfur and David called the Lost Clan for help to stage a mock fight. However, Bartell insistet on a real battle and with his clan attacked the Lindworm. The fight only ended after Cauldron Island turned out to be the Kraken, after which The Lindworm brought the Lost Clan and David to safety.

In "Chapter 12: The Replacement", Bartell agreed to have Agnes Bragga pose as Alfur to fool the Delegation for the Return of Wayward Elves, but when that plan failed, he and his clan tried to help Alfur escape. They caused a lot of commotion on the local farmers market, where the humans (who were unable to see them) mistook them for Spirits. Bartell and Agnes, along with the Delegation, got captured by Gerda Gustav, but she released them after Alfur tricked her into releasing the "rogue spirits" into his custody.

In "Chapter 13: The Stone Forest", Bartell gives Alfur his best carrier pigeon, Cedric, to help Alfur search for Hilda and Johanna.


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