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Alvin is an elf that first appears in "Chapter 12: The Replacement". The character was created for the animated series and does not appear in the graphic novels.


Alvin is an elf with a white complexion and a small moustache. He wears a pointy blue hat on his head. He has black stick-like legs and arms. He has a blue T-shirt and no visible neck.


Alvin is a scribe from The Northern Counties.

In "Chapter 12: The Replacement", he is dispatched to Trolberg to replace Alfur as the Northern Counties' correspondent in the city, because the Elf Prime Minister and his cabinet believe Alfur's reports about his adventures in Trolberg to be false. Alvin arrives at Hilda's house in the middle of the night, and proceeds to move the still sleeping Alfur and his belongings out of his house so he can take Alfur's place. When Hilda and Alfur meet him the following day, Alvin explains to them why he is there. When Alfur and Hilda protest, and offer to have Hilda fill out an eyewitness confirmation form to verify Alfur's reports are correct, Alvin denies them this, stating that Hilda is not a reliable eye witness, and that any additional paperwork concerning Alfur's case is put on hold.

Alvin is present when the Delegation for the Return of Wayward Elves comes to the Trolberg harbor to escort Alfur home. By this point, Alfur and Hilda have asked the Bragga Family for help, and Agnes has volunteered to disguise herself as Alfur. Alvin, who has already met Alfur, is the only one who doesn't fall for the disguise. It makes no difference, since Agnes can't keep up the appearances for long before her temper gets the best of her, and Alfur is forced to reveal himself.

When Alfur tries to escape from the Delegation, Alvin joins the chase, which leads them to the Farmers Market. There, the Elves are mistaken by the locals, who can't see them, for spirits, and eventually captured by Gerda Gustav when they enter a lighthouse decoration. Alvin and Alfur are the only elves not captured since they jumped out of the lighthouse in time. Along with Hilda, they follow Gerda to the HQ of the Trolberg Safety Patrol. There, Alvin witnesses how Alfur tricks Gerda into believing he is a member of the Spirit Safety Patrol so she hands the captured "spirits" over to his custody. This impresses Alvin enough that he himself fills out the eyewitness confirmation form to clear Alfur's name, so Alfur can stay in Trolberg. He then departs back to the Northern Counties along with the Delegation.

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